Currently, Cinthia is the only one offering microblading services. We are looking to add more professionals in the future. Keep in mind that what shows up on Cinthia’s agenda, is what her current availability is.

Cinthia has experience in the techniques of PowderBrows, Latin Brows, Microblading, and PhiShading. You cand find the descriptions here

PMU stands for Permanent MakeUp

If you have previous work done, please send pictures with bare face to Cinthia’s email or schedule a consultation here  to determine if you are a candidate for a procedure.

If you are a new client and you are not taking any medications right now, you don’t have previous work done or any health conditions you can book for a new service. (Initial service)

Or you can book a consultation (this is not required it is optional) via the link provided or email Cinthia directly if you have questions or concerns. Doing so, will help Cinthia help you determine which service will be best for you based on skin type, your brow shape, and desired look.

In addition, when you visit the scheduling link, there is a brief description of each service to help you feel more certain on booking your appointment.

If yoy did your initial session with us within a 6 weeks to 12 weeks time frame. You can schedule a touch appointment.  13 weeks to 2 years post your initial session you need to schedule a color refresh. If already passed more than two year, initial session fee will apply.

A Retouch is a service done between 6-12 weeks after the initial appointment to retouch and make any final touches such as filling in spots that might have blurred out or adding thickness and/or more pigment to the work previously done. Color Refresh is done anytime between 13 weeks to 2 years post initial appointment to refresh the color that was initially used.

You will receive two emails. The first one would be acknowledging your request. The second will come in about two days after confirming or denying your request for appointment.

If you see that your request for appointment keeps getting cancelled, its most likely because the incorrect service request is being selected. If you have questions regarding the differences between the services provided, please visit our link for more information.

Absolutely, you are welcome to meet with Cinthia in person by booking a consultation with Cinthia. You can click here to book

If the system is not allowing you to schedule for a time or date it is because it is not available. Cinthia’s availability is updated per month.

Once you receive an email of confirmation that you booked your appointment, you will also have an option to cancel or reschedule.

You have 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. Once this time has lapsed, you will be charged $100 for no show fee. No Exceptions.

Prices for services vary from $100-$500. Refer to the booking link for more information.