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Cinthia's Beauty Ink

We are Cinthia’s Beauty Ink, a business whose mission is to place all the necessary tools at your fingertips for the success of your micropigmentation business. 

We distribute Phi Products for the beauty industry within the United States and Puerto Rico

We carry our own line of uniforms to suit the needs of those working in the beauty business.

We help to create personal web pages as well provide self-marketable tools for social media content and advertising.

We also offer both in person and online courses with Phi Academy Certification such as:

  • PowderBrows
  • Bold Brows
  • Latin Brows
  • PhiShading 
  • Saiko Brows
  • PhiLips

And for those already established within the beauty industry or are unsure which route to take  we offer introductory online training to help introduce or reinforce what you already have learned. 

Such courses include:

  • Henna
  • Digital Content Creation from your cell phone
  • Mapping tips and tricks
  • Lash Extensions
  • Lash Lifting
  • Photography for Permanent MakeUp
  • Vendors list
  • Utilizing Canva for visual content creation
  • Blood Borne Pathogens 

We are pleased to have you and wish you all the success within the Industry!  WELCOME

Cinthia Holguin

Master Trainer of
PhiAcademy USA

A little about me,

I am of Mexican descent. I emigrated from Mexico to the United States when I was 25 years old. When I was in Mexico however, I taught Cosmetology classes during the day and studied law during the night. After graduating with a law degree in Mexico and began to work in the field,  I quickly came to terms that practicing law was not for me.

I decided to get back into Cosmetology. When I came to the United States I worked on revalidating my Cosmetology license to work in the United States. Soon after I began to take up interest in permanent makeup when I saw an advertisement for a micropigmentation course on a social media platform. My husband and I researched the world’s largest academy in micropigmentation which happened to be located in Serbia known as Phi Academy.  I began my first Phi Academy micropigmentation course in Mexico. About a year later, I flew to Serbia as I was offered to train in the technique within the Academy and soon after I became part of the company and traveled around the world representing the United States. As I was asked to teach the technique, I recognized what I thought was a huge deficit in teaching courses. I did not speak English. Then I had a moment of clarity when I realized I could teach in my own native tongue to reach an undeniable market that was in need of learning micropigmentation. I proudly became a representative of the latinx community, who humbly created a space to create connection and inspiration to a community that can identify with my story. What I initially thought was my weakness, was in fact my power that catapulted me in co-creating a technique globally recognizing the Latinx Community known today as Latin Brows. I stand in gratitude to be a part of a booming industry that has offered me and many others growth opportunities.

Within the next years I was recognized for the following:

  • My Advance-Level course was among the best-selling PhiAcademy courses in the world known as“Perfection Training by Cinthia Holguin” (2019)
  • Top 5 salesperson on PhiAcademy (2019,2020,2021)
  • Craft Master Artist, voted one of the top 5 artists in the world. (2017)
  • More than 100 Royal Artist created with Master Andy Chavarria

I have trained some of the most successful artists both domestically and internationally.

It is my mission to create the next leaders in this industry.

I am absolutely passionate about teaching others how to fulfill their goals as a professional PMU artist .I am here ready to receive you and take you through this beautiful journey!

Andy Chavarria

Master Trainer of
PhiAcademy USA

Hi my name is Andy, I was born in Los Angeles, California. 

For the major part of my life, I worked in the construction Industry. I was one of 8 children raised in a single parent household. My strong work ethic has been a defining characteristic of how I carry myself in the world. Since I was a young boy I enjoyed the art of drawing in my pastime. Little did I know that this hobby would soon evolve into something that became what is now my career in Permanent Makeup. It began with my wife Cinthia Holguin who had already been established within the beauty business. It was going well for her and she found satisfaction doing it. I decided to join forces with her and learn the techniques of permanent makeup. I became established as a permanent makeup artist and teacher for students nationally and internationally. 

I am looking forward to working with those aspiring to elevate themselves professionally within the permanent makeup industry. 

Master trainer of Phi Academy USA

  • Craft Master artist, positioned as one of the top 2 artist in the world on the “PhiTop List 2020”
  • The world’s first Bold Man Master Trainer
  • Powder Brows Master Trainer 
  • “Don’t be Basic, be BOLD” 
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